Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Someday My Prints Will Come' by Marilyn Baron


Eva never doubted her abilities as a matchmaker until she met Noah.
Eva is a very talented matchmaker. She brings couples looking for love together with ease. Unfortunately, Eva has been unable to find love for herself. I was very surprised at how little Eva knew about men and love in general. Her naivety is confusing and yet also endearing. Noah opens Eva’s eyes to love and seduction in a very personal way. While he is very persistent, he is also very gentle and patient.
Eva’s past is a mystery for the majority of the story. The first chapter is the only glimpse into her history until the very end of the book. Most of the story focuses on how Eva matches couples. It was fun watching her pair up different couples, but I kept wishing the focus would return to Eva and Noah’s budding relationship. They had great chemistry and some very charged encounters, but I was left wanting to know more. Noah clearly knew who Eva was and had some sort of connection to her past. I was hoping that my curiosity for knowledge would be satisfied as the story unfolded. Unfortunately, all the information about Eva’s past is revealed at the very end of the story all at once. While the information did clear up most of my questions, I felt that the story ended very abruptly. Eva learned so much about her past, her magic, and Noah in the space of a few moments, but she wasn’t given any time to absorb it. If I were in her situation, I would have needed some time to process it all. Instead, everything just ended. While Eva’s story has a happy ending, I felt that there was more to tell.
Overall, I liked Someday My Prints Will Come. It is a fun, fast paced story sure to delight fans of light hearted romance.

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