Friday, April 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Shared Redemption' by Michel Prince

Shared Redemption

This story has a neat twist to the paranormal genre. I really enjoyed the idea of having good people who ended their own lives being chosen to become demon hunters as a type of penance and way to earn redemption. It’s also a unique look at interracial romance … usually we either have a historical story where it’s clearly forbidden by society, or a contemporary one where it’s not considered illegal or immoral, but here we have Nye, a former slave “frozen” at the age he was at his death, and in his mind he really struggles to get past the mores of his time.
This story is told in first person, which isn’t a favorite of mine, and it’s also told from several points-of-view which occasionally made it difficult to know who was speaking. It’s not that the author has made characters who sound the same–she hasn’t!–it was just a little difficult to jump from one head to another in first person, so that was a stumbling block for me. Ms. Prince also has a slightly formal voice in her writing, so I sometimes felt as if I should be reading literary fiction and not a romance.
I really enjoyed seeing the two factions here: the frozen and the demon horde and getting into the heads of Nye and Damarian was very interesting. Such completely different people with completely different goals (heaven and hell). the storyline is certainly unique in a paranormal market glutted with shifters and vampires. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to read it and I’m glad I did. If you’re looking for a story outside the norm, with a wonderful romance that will make your heart sigh and a story with the promise of more (while the romance between Nye and Kiri is pretty well wrapped up here, this is clearly the start of a series), then I can happily recommend Shared Redemption. It’s a worthwhile addition to the genre.

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