Monday, April 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Sail to the Moon' by Lynne Connolly


British Rock Star meets Regular Jane and has loads of naughty sex. I bet those words captured your attention and while Sail to the Moon has these elements it also has so much more.
Zazz is very similar to the typical rock star. He is arrogant, gorgeous, super in the bedroom and has the voice of an angel. However in Sail to the Moon, Zazz also has issues with his father. Issue that are actually realistic and go beyond the stereotypical abuse a lot of NA authors use to make their characters emotional zombies. What sets this rock star apart from the many others I’ve read is his language. I feel in love with the verbiage Zazz used in this story that showed the author had actually done her music research. While Zazz hadn’t earned his levels, he was articulate, thoughtful and intelligent. When he acted like a complete jackass to Laura early on in the story, he was genuine in his apology and worked to get back in her good graces.
While Zazz certainly stole the show, Laura was a respectable character. She was bright, regularly attractive and displayed real emotion. Even though there was an instant connection between her and Zazz, it was believable. My intelligence wasn’t insulted.
They story is told from both Zazz and Laura’s viewpoints. It was well done. I understood the anger, loneliness and pain both characters experienced as their relationship progressed and parental issues worsened. In many stories hardships push the characters apart, in Sail to the Moon, it was refreshing to see hardships bringing couples closer-as that does happen in real life.
Overall, I enjoyed reading this story and give it 3 stars. The British dialogue was overly thick at times but there was enough hot sex, emotional connections and good dialogue for this reviewer to over look it. I also would have liked a more concrete ending. While it wasn’t a cliffhanger, it left me wanting to know Zazz and Laura’s future.

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