Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Reckless Nights' by Karen Erickson


Declan Carter, famous actor, was the man of Regan’s dreams. She might be on a flighty holiday weekend in Vegas, but Regan knows the smoldering attraction between herself and Declan can only be a passing fancy. Her real life is the graveyard shift as a nurse and sleeping through the day when everyone else got to live their life. But with a sexy cocktail dress and with some friends at a fancy party, Regan stumbles into Declan and suddenly her Vegas trip is looking far better than she’d believed possible.
This is a fun and steamy story. While the whole “girls weekend at Vegas” and “normal girl meets hot famous guy” angles aren’t exactly new, I still found myself interested – both by Regan’s character and Declan’s lack of arrogance. Declan might be a famous actor, but he’s been through a rough patch and so lacks a lot of the arrogant and cocky characteristics similar heroes can be flawed by.
The sex is steamy and I found it really well written. Not flouncy or flowery – but hot and sexy. This definitely isn’t a story I’d lend to my mother! For all that though, I didn’t find it pushed the envelope, straddling that thin line between erotic and very sensual – and for me personally, it stayed on the line of sensual. The sex is graphic though, and for more pure romance readers it might be a bit too hot.
There’s some clear hint-dropping about Regan’s two girlfriends. Although the three women came to Vegas together for a girls-weekend all three of them hook up the first evening so there’s two other stories loosely linked with this one, but this is easily read as a stand alone novel. My only real complaint was how the plot seemed fairly standard. While I found myself interested in the story itself, it was nothing fresh, new or different. Also, I found myself a little miffed at Regan’s reaction to her return to reality. When Regan and Declan parted, Declan had explained he needed a certain amount of time to settle into his new movie role. Before that agreed upon time had passed she was already bitter and writing him off. It soured a lot of my view on her character. Not just because she couldn’t be patient, but that he’d been honest and up-front about needing some time, and before those weeks had passed she was impatient and doubting him. It felt a little too much like a forced-upon conflict point (and an unfair one of Regan to make), rather than a natural by-product of a new relationship experiencing issues/strain.
Having said that, I really did find this for the most part as a fun, lighthearted, sexy story well worth my time to read. I enjoyed the author’s voice and style, the plot moved along at a decent pace, and you can never really go wrong with a story set in Vegas. Outside of a few issues, I found this to be a great story and a good, solid read.

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