Friday, April 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Picture Perfect' by Nikki Dee Houston


Love, here it comes!
Chelsea has been dumped by the first and only boyfriend she had. At the beginning, I thought her to be a very na├»ve woman but the ending proved me wrong. The characters need to be a little bit more polished but the story was very engaging. The plot is simple and the author doesn’t overcomplicate it with filler.
There was some background information about the character but I felt that most of this was presented towards the end. However, the ending was pretty simple and satisfying.
I think Miss Houston did a perfect job of portraying the emotions and the plot of this story. I was right there with Chelsea every step of the way.
In Picture Perfect Chelsea is an amateur artist (painter), a very good one at that and Miss Houston did a good job at describing with minute details her painting performances. I got to say that is one part that I absolutely loved about this story and Miss Houston’s writing. Her ability to transport you into her world/story with her words.
This is an uncomplicated erotic romance with characters who were fun to meet and exciting to watch. Readers looking for a quick fulfilling read should check it out.

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