Saturday, April 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Outlaw in Love' by Tanya Hanson


Ahab is trying to do the right thing for a change. He just didn’t realize how hard that would be…
Ahab is an outlaw, specializing in horse thieving. He loves horses and they know they can trust him. He’s not so good with humans but after his childhood, that’s understandable. Right now, he’s been told that the woman who nursed him back to wellness after a gunshot is having his child. He can’t remember having sex with her, but he was drugged up. It might have happened. And he wasn’t going to run out on his own child! First, though he has to find his sister and get his mother’s pearls to pawn them for money for the baby.
Ms. Hanson writes a simple story about a man who got off on the wrong foot with life. Due to an abusive father and a need to provide for his sister, he did what he could to get by. She pairs him with a nun who is willing to help him find his sister and make amends for what she thought had happened to her. Sister Teresa, though has some secrets of her own.
This is a tale of a mix of good and bad and how love reconciles things. I felt like the romances were too rushed to be real. Just a few days together and everybody is in love. Under high stress situations it can happen, but it seemed just a bit too neat to me.
The author’s writing style is smooth and easy to read. She adds enough excitement to keep your attention. The story was good, I enjoyed the banter between cowboy and nun and it made my heart soften to see them take in a little girl who survived a tragedy. Overall it was good western with two unusual heroes.

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