Monday, April 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Nabbing Mr. November' by Maggie Wells


Dr Elena Mendes is in heaven. Dr Luke Langston and his delectable ass got nicked by a city-slicker and some bird shot in his shotgun. Elena gets to spend an hour drooling over Luke’s tight ass, and has the pleasure of seeing the usually cool doctor at a disadvantage. When they both meet up again for dinner at a mutual friend’s house, sparks fly and soon neither can deny the attraction simmering between them anymore.
I loved how complicated both Elena and Luke are as characters. Elena is no shrinking violet and is a woman who absolutely says what she means, no holds barred. Luke is more layered, clearly hurt and not the best at communicating, but a sharp, smart man. In the beginning I kept thinking I was missing something subtle in their interactions, and the author didn’t disappoint in the depth and emotion of those explanations. Although their miscommunication was fairly short lived, I thought it was an interesting way to help show both Elena and Luke’s snarky personalities. These two are the classic “yell at each other until they start ripping the clothes off” kind and in my opinion it totally works for them. There is some seriously scorching sex between them and the first scene is absolutely my favourite.
Readers who love naughty sex scenes (nothing kinky – just “one wrong move and we’ll be caught” style of sex) and two characters who lust for each other and refuse to budge will probably be delighted by Luke and Elena. I really enjoyed their bossy, snarky exchanges and the chemistry between them both was volatile. I thought the ending wrapped them both up perfectly and I found this to be a deeply satisfying read. I’ll certainly be searching out more of these calendar stories. Recommended.

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