Saturday, April 7, 2018

Book Review: 'My Anniversary' by Cora West


While in Maui Celebrating their tenth anniversary Victoria and her husband start exploring their fantasies, finding themselves and their passion all over again.
After ten years and a set of twins later, they have come to Hawaii to find themselves and where they are in life. That’s sweet! But overall, The Anniversary is not a sweet book. It’s an erotic short story with a simple but deep plot.
It was absolutely nice to see their relationship at a place where they could share each other’s thoughts and fantasies without endangering their relationship and family.
It was eye opening to see Victoria and Eric rekindle their relationship. And they did rekindle it. The passion and chemistry was very much evident from the first page. The chemistry (and an understanding) was there between the new guy and Victoria, as well. And that in itself was a huge plus.
This is a pretty short story but I would have liked a little more detail. Some additional background on Victoria and Eric as well as ‘the guy’. Maybe even a look into the future. “A little more depth” might be the best way to explain what I needed. On the surface it’s a good, simple story. But it had potential for more. It’s a moment in time for this couple and as long as that’s all a reader expects, then it works.
Ms. West did a fabulous job of writing a story that, while believable, also made sure to satisfy this reader’s limits. Because My Anniversary is about fantasies that both of the main characters fulfill, with the help of a guy they meet while vacationing, the ending like a Happy Eve After.
I would recommend My Anniversary to readers enjoy short stories revolving mainly around a couple fulfilling their innermost sexual fantasies.

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