Monday, April 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Menage a Troys' by Holley Trent


It would totally suck to realize you love someone two minutes too late.
A marriage of convenience is no longer simply convenient when both parties decide they want the real deal. Throw in a trusted friend who is attracted to them both and it really starts to get interesting.
Eve married Brent so she wouldn’t lose her childhood home. Brent married Eve because she asked. It was a little more complicated than that but from what I could gather from the history sprinkled in, Brent was very much attracted to Dr. Eve since the first time she brought her Audi in to be repaired. This is a novella so I didn’t get to actually witness them getting to know each other or the proposal and quickie marriage but I could imagine it.
It’s pretty clear there is a level of both comfort and tension between Brent and Eve Troy. They knew each other before saying their “I do’s” but it wasn’t on any kind of intimate level. That’s where Dr. McHottie, also known as Dr. Remy, comes into the picture. They want to learn how to be husband and wife and he knows a thing or two about women and specially about Eve. I was surprised at what else he knew but that was a neat twist.
I found it totally plausible that Remy had plans for this trip to The Beaudelaire. It doesn’t quite turn out the way he plans and it was interesting to see that side of the playboy come to the surface when he convinces himself it’s all for the best.
This is a fantastically hot and sweet story. Even though I didn’t know a whole lot about Brent and Eve’s relationship when the story began it didn’t take long to become vested into their future. The addition of Remy was a bonus that had me reaching for a fan.
I would easily suggest this book to anyone who enjoys menage and specifically M/M dynamics. Ms. Trent writes it very well and brings the reader right into the room. Realizing that this was just one of many books in the Den of Sin series had me searching out the author’s backlist and adding her to my watch list. It’s not a long read but it was a really nice story.

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