Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Making it Real' by Synithia Williams


Making it Real is a story about two people who are drawn to one another by faith. Kareem Henderson is an owner of the shop where Patrice “Neecie” Baldwin works. When her brother forces her to come back home she decided to bring Kareem with her as her fake fiancĂ©e. But soon their pretense turns into something real.
The story focuses on building a relationship between two very wounded and fragile people. Both Kareem and Patrice have to learn to trust one another, and to let go of the past. I was hooked on the story from chapter one and wanted to know how the characters will get out from the emotional mess they got themselves into.
Both characters are well developed. At first I found Kareem a bit too much alpha, i.e. dominant and possessing, but in the end he realized a few things. He earned a lesson or two and turned out just fine. Patrice is his perfect match. She does not want to be pushed around by anyone. She’s a strong and independent girl who knows how to take a stand. The conflict between Kareem and Patrice is well done and realistic and it is character driven. Also, the sex scenes are well written and very hot. Furthermore, I liked the interaction that Kareem and Patrice have with their respective families, and also I liked their families. They are complete opposite, but they both care about their members.
Still the story has a few weak points. I couldn’t understand why Kareem and Patrice choose to stay in her parent’s house when her parents obviously didn’t like him. Also, I could not quite understand how Patrice’s older brother can have a teen son when their parents are celebrating 30 years marriage anniversary.
Beside this I enjoyed reading this story. It was a fast and fun read.

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