Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Lies That Bind' by Caitlyn Willows


Imagine if you discover that your family’s past isn’t really your past, but instead you’ve been lied to your whole life–that’s exactly how Tessa felt when she learned the truth. It caused her to run, run away from the ranch she loved and the men she loved.
This story read like it was either the continuation of a series or a sequel of a story, although I don’t know if it is. This led to some confusion on my part. I didn’t know Tessa and her history with Rex and Tyler but I felt like I was supposed to. For that reason, I spent a good deal of the time trying to keep everyone in town straight and figure out their relationships.
The mystery in this story and the main suspense plot were well done, even if a bit convoluted but it fit what was happened in the past, and having to straighten it out. The small town in this book had a very interesting past, and I did enjoy digging up those secrets right along with Tessa, Rex and Tyler.
In some ways their romance, is almost a second thought to the mystery of the town’s roots and possible murders and attempted murders. I think that was a disservice to them, they have an interesting story of their own to tell, even if it feels like a second chance, and they did in fact never stop loving each other, but I wanted more of them reconnecting.
These three are a bit kinky, and kinkier than just being in a committed threesome. They really have a chance for a real lasting relationship and I did get the happy feeling of them all living happily ever after, so I did enjoy the romance in the end, and I would read more by this author for another chance at complex plots and interesting characters.

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