Thursday, April 19, 2018

Book Review: 'Lance' by Jet Mykles


Sometimes love needs a second chance. Three years ago Gordon and Lance had a tumultuous break up and Lance still hasn’t gotten over it. Although he was the one that prompted the break up, he knows that the two of them could make it work again. Unfortunately Gordon doesn’t want to give Lance a chance. Now the two of them are working together again for the up and coming band, Indigo Knights, and they are forced to resolve their problems. However, Gordon’s stubbornness may prove to be too much for Lance to overcome.
Lance is the third book in the Indigo Knights series by Jet Mykles. It can easily be read as a stand alone though and I think I would actually have preferred it that way. The events happening in Lance’s book start before the second book, Champion which is Danny’s story, and continue on past the point where Danny and Cash fall in love. So the third book kind of starts before the second but ends after that. It’s a little confusing for anyone really familiar with the time line and I’m not sure why the author made that choice. Regardless fans of the series will want to see Lance get his happy ending, no matter what order it happens.
In this book the narrative jumps back and forth between the present and past. The scenes of the past show how Gordon and Lance got together the first time and what went wrong with their relationship. It’s more complicated and nuanced than just one event so it’s important to show the full extent of their previous relationship so readers can appreciate the true depth of feeling between the men and that the reconciliation is not simply a matter of forgiveness. I do think the story spent too long showing how the previous relationship fell apart and not enough time showing how they, as a reunited couple, would avoid those particular problems in the future.
This back and forth is not a new technique but it is employed infrequently so I appreciated the novelty of it, however, I honestly would have liked reading the story in a more linear fashion starting with building the relationship to break it down then rebuild it. The story as it is, is very entertaining and easy to read, as are all the books in Mykles rocker series. They read like popcorn reads – light, fun, and quick with no guilt. It’s definitely not the best thing she’s ever written but the formula she uses for these books is familiar and almost always works so it’s an easy book to recommend to fans.

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