Monday, April 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Jason' by Laurell K. Hamilton


If a reader is looking for an erotic short story to singe their eyebrows off, cause hot flashes and a few blushes, then Jason should do the trick.
I’ve been following the Anita Blake series for quite a few years. Yes, I’ve heard that a lot of early readers are uncomfortable with the turns Anita’s life has been taking when it comes to her relationships. Some felt they have become less story and more sex. I have not felt that strongly against it, probably because I do enjoy reading mild erotic romances. However, I don’t think Jason is quite as mild as I expected. Some erotic romance readers might think this is tame but since I don’t read F/F as a rule, it was an eye-opening experience for me. I don’t like F/F romance but here’s the twist. This was Anita. This was Anita facing her problems with Jade. This was Anita learning the differences between herself, Jade and Jason’s girlfriend, J.J. I found myself fascinated. I care about Anita and as such, this book had a more powerful impact for me. I actually enjoyed it because for all the sexy talk, descriptions and hot scenes with Nathan, Jason and the rest of the small crew, there was still a purpose, a goal that had to be reached and sex was the vehicle for making it happen.
Since the Anita Blake series is ongoing, I hesitate to call this a standalone read. Yet, this is focused on figuring out if Jason and J.J. could realistically make a go of their relationship. It focuses on a short span of time with a tight group of characters. It possibly could be read as a standalone if a reader is looking for a book that explores some serious multi-partner action and doesn’t demand a traditional HEA. Nothing about this series is traditional and this book is no exception. As for the conclusion, it’s as close to a happy for now as it can get because Ms. Hamilton is the queen of hooks and dangling teases. She resolves the big stuff but always leaves a reader yearning for more, in a good way. I’d say Jason fits that formula.
For avid fans of the series, this is a must add to the collection. If only because we see Jason pursuing the most ‘normal’ of all the romantic entanglements I’ve seen in this series so far, and he’s a very likable and endearing character. I’m glad that it looks like he might have found someone who sees him for the man he is and not his were-animal. It was a fun novella and will probably appeal to fans more than new readers. Then again, on its own, this is a very hot read. In any event, it’s a decent story and I’m glad I read it.

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