Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Book Review: 'I’ll Be Waiting' by Wendy Lynn Clark


Skylar Robinson is keeping her promise. All through her final year in high school she tried to show Luke Zemackis how interested she was in him, but circumstances always kept them going in opposite directions. On their last meeting they agreed to meet again in five years’ time if either were interested in something more. But Skylar got her addresses mixed up and she found herself forty miles away from their rendezvous. Panicked, she races to meet Luke and hopes desperately that he’s still waiting for her.
This is a sweet story that jumps back in time and spends the first half of the story as a flashback, explaining the circumstances as to why Skylar is rushing to meet Luke. While the storytelling is very sweet – almost innocent – it felt strange for such a short story to be half told as a recapping of past actions. I feel the author might have done better to start us in that past time – full of high school hopes and innocent crushes blooming into more – and then jumped ahead to five years’ time. That is just my personal preference but I feel it would have lent the story more an air of “in the present” and action/showing – not telling. Skylar’s humour and good sense of fun, however, shines through and her character is a delight. Luke is a little harder to read – a shy, studious high school boy and a serious teenager growing into a man. He’s attractive, but I didn’t feel the “zing” usually present in romance heroes. This possibly was due to the story being told from Skylar’s point of view, or perhaps the fact that for so much of the story they were in the “flashback” mode and kids – five years younger.
I loved the author’s story-telling voice. A clear, simple tone that helps showcase the innocence and simplicity of both Skylar and Luke to perfection. While I found a few things a little unrealistic (like the constant mentioning of “yes I’ll go out with you, unless I get a boyfriend”) the story left me feeling good and warm, with a smile and very happy. Appropriate for teens and older who are interested in sweet, happy romances but not wanting anything too heavy. Aside from a few descriptive kisses at the end I found this story to be really lovely, with nothing sexy or shocking.
A great short story, one I’d recommend for readers looking for something happy and on the sweeter side. Lovely.

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