Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Hungry CEO' by Charlize Starr

New author Charlize Starr has published sixteen books to date – each short, steamy bad boy tales. Somehow she has a corner on some of the hottest book covers around. In time her stories will doubtless live up to the visual promise of these covers. In the meantime Charlize provides us with stories that are easily read in an hour – and that is a nice time for a bedtime story….

Charlize’s writing style is easy-going, conversational and immediately accessible – she gets right to the core in no time. Her writing is far more graphic in this novel and that fits her story well – LOUISE ‘My heels clicked against the marble floor of the corridor as I walked towards Jack Gowler’s corner office. I had the Medusa files tucked under my arm and my hips swung with every step I took. It had been a week since the board of directors gave the CEO job to Jack, and I still couldn’t get over it. I had been working at the company for eight years and seven months longer than Jack. I worked hard, kept my nose clean and didn’t complain about working weekends. It was true that I ran a tight ship, but that was what was necessary to get the job done. Jack, on the other hand, enjoyed spending company money on ‘entertaining’ potential clients. He had inside jokes with his team and always seemed to be exceptionally preoccupied with keeping his hair in place. I had seethed with rage when I heard the news. Jack didn’t deserve that position. I did. I was sure that he had somehow sweet-talked his way into getting that job. I couldn’t put anything past him.’ JACK - ‘This wasn’t supposed to be my destiny. I wasn’t supposed to be living in a place like this. I’d grown up in Brooklyn in a two-bedroom apartment that I shared with a single mother and three brothers. I had grown up eating beans out of cans and pop-tarts for breakfast. Now I had a housekeeper who served me freshly-squeezed orange juice in bed. I emptied the whiskey down my throat and clenched my jaws. If only mom was still alive to see the life I was leading now. I was the CEO of Prisma Corporations. I was responsible for million-dollar contracts and I drove a Porsche to work. Nothing about my life now matched the life I had led when I was growing up. I was a self-made man living the American dream and there was only one thing missing that would complete the picture-perfect life I had built for myself.’
Combine the two and the story is launched – ‘I know that she hates my guts. We competed for the same job. I got it. Now I’m her boss. But what she doesn’t know is that she’s special to me, with her high-class manners and her career attitude. And that I’d like to do very… special things to her. But I have to focus. I have a huge business deal coming up. So I ask her to help me out. That means many nights working late, alone at the office…Solid plan. Until I find out that my business partner is doing the only thing that could prevent the deal. He’s hitting on her. I can’t let that happen. Baby, I’m coming for you. I’ll make you mine.’

Well, guess and you’ll likely figure this one out before the last page, but that is just one aspect of the pleasure of reading the work of this growing new author: she has the ideas and the style and will doubtless be successful. Grady Harp, April 18

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