Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Homecoming' by Meredith Daniels


Jack Dresden is broken, but he’s home and home is supposed to heal everything, even if things are possibly broken there. Jack doesn’t believe that his best friend and the one man he truly loves will ever forgive him especially since they parted on bad terms when Jack left.
Dillon doesn’t know that Jack loves him as more than a friend, but he loves Jack, and is willing to stand by and with him through everything as Jack heals.
Now, if only those two would actually talk!  They don’t and things go a bit sideways before we can get to our happily ever after. I think that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with two equally strong and equally stubborn heroes. That’s one of the things that is so great about two men falling in love, they’re so alike and yet different enough to be just what the other needs to be complete, to be whole again. Dillon is that for Jack, and Jack is and always has been the man to stand up for Dillon.
I really rooted for these characters, I hurt right along with them. I also absolutely adored Jack’s mom, she’s everything that Jack needs and is a great other side of the coin from his father who at one point I really hated.
I will be watching this author and this series, it had great characters that had a healthy dose of real emotions and I felt those emotions so I can highly recommend this story because it did make me feel and love and I was happy in the end.

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