Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Review: 'His Takeover' by Piper Sullivan

Author Piper Sullivan describes herself as an old school romantic - and reading her eighteen books show that not only does her self perception influence her writing but that her own originality allows her to step into the current fascination with contemporary variations!

To get a rhythm of how Piper composes her story, this is the first meeting between the couple of note - “He stood, like a far too good looking Phoenix rising from the ashes, and grinned. “Did you think of more ways to insult me?” His skin flushed pink and he shook his head. “I did not.” “Then why are you here, Mr. Sayers?” I crossed my arms and Talia disappeared silently. “I was hoping we could do something, maybe have a meal together, get to know each other a little better.” He flashed a smile and I won’t lie, it was a killer smile complete with dimples and those tiny little lines that said he enjoyed life when he wasn’t chained to a desk. His blond hair was just on the wrong side of tame, but somehow, he made it look perfectly groomed. That hint of wave made him look more charming than intimidating. Too bad I no longer went for charming. I didn’t go for anyone or anything really, where relationships were concerned, but I especially stayed away from the ones who oozed charm. They were dangerous. Blake was hot and I would probably have a dirty dream or a dozen about him tonight, but those kinds of fires burned hot and left lasting scars. I had enough scars to last a lifetime.’

But to see what is in store, rely on the plot outline before launching into this fun tale: Poppy – ‘He planned a sensual takeover. I’m an insta-heiress.
And Blake Sayers, a rival CEO thinks he can steal my company. But instead of a hostile takeover, he planned a seductive one. 
I knew what he was doing. And I let him do it. 
Until one act of betrayal forced me to walk away. I will never give in. 
Blake - 
She thought she could resist me. Poppy is gorgeous, curvy and unique. But she’s no match for someone like me
 Cutthroat businessman and alpha boss. I want her company and I will have it, and her, by any means necessary. But I messed up, and she walked away. Too bad for Poppy, I always get what I want. And what I want more than anything is her.’

A fun read with just enough steam to make it run well. Piper deserves her growing fine reputation! Grady Harp, April 18

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