Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Book Review: 'He’s My Husky' by Sherry Gloag


Second chances don’t come along every day. They become even more rare as time passes, so what are the chances one will show up a decade later?
It definitely isn’t easy to be a single mother, but Emma has poured every ounce of her energy into giving her son a happy home. The strong, loving bond that formed between them as a result of her decision to put his needs first shines through every scene. Seeing Emma in this light made me like her even more than I did originally due to how it explains certain decisions that she’s made with his best interests at heart.
The romantic subplot felt rushed due to everything that was revealed about the characters involved in it. While I do think that they would make a good couple in the future, pushing them into a relationship so rapidly didn’t mesh well with everything else I figured out about their personalities, habits, and earlier experiences. Everything else in the plot was evenly paced, but this part of their lives could have benefitted from the inclusion of a few more chapters.
By far my favorite scenes in this tale involve Emma’s descriptions of all of the dogs who have shared her home over the years. Her memories of them help to round out her personality as well as provide a few smiles as she discusses the circumstances that lead each pet to her. Knowing what the lives of her dogs were like before Emma took them added even more nuances to her personality and made me wish I could know everything about that part of her life.
He’s My Husky can easily be read in one sitting. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction romances that have realistic, contemporary settings.

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