Sunday, April 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Her Boss by Arrangement' by Teresa Carpenter


The best moments of Her Boss By Arrangement are in the snappy conversations. Carpenter writes quick, believable dialogue that moves the story forward and gives insight into her characters.
Tori Randall is that likeable heroine – a nice gal, in business with her sister, with great friends and family ties. It’s easy to admire her; and every bit as easy as it is to dislike Garrett Black, who she ends up helping and then working for. He’s not the classic ‘bad boy’ but he is, well, unlikable. However, his attitude leads to the odd funny moment, and readers that just begin to think this is too formulaic will enjoy these unexpected moments.
There is an attraction – the expected romance-chemistry splashes into their relationship at just the right moment – and possibly slightly too perfectly. However, there are light moments, and the humor really works here. Garrett becomes more human as we go: his pursuit of perfection is nothing to how he loves his car. The story improves immeasurably as we bump into some of his thoughts (‘the woman is too cheerful!’) Moments like that really make this story.
Her Boss By Arrangement is not really a page turner, but is very readable. Although the main plot is predictable, it is amusing and it’s a good nightstand book for when you need a few minutes distraction.

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