Friday, April 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Having His Cake' by Genna Donaghy


Matty can’t help but try to help make Cathryn’s wedding as perfect as she wants it to be. In charge of the food and all-important wedding cake, Matty is determined to use Cathryn’s wedding to help launch him into the arena of big-boys. With one last night of freedom before work will encompass everything, Matty heads to the club to blow off some steam. A mystery man makes all the right moves on the dance-floor, and before he knows it Matty is indulging in a club-fuck. What was supposed to be a no-strings-attached quickie takes a seriously complicated turn when Matty once again bumps into the mystery man.
While I understood Matty’s personal rules about club sex – not giving out his name and keeping them as one-night-stands around the back of the club – I felt that Eaton’s reactions and shyness should have clued Matty in that this wasn’t some common guy used to the circuit. Matty came across at the end of this scene as mean and a little harsh, and this pulled me out of the story. Feeling bad for Eaton and sad for him, and not really liking Matty’s actions had me needing to take a break and step away for a little bit. While I might be a big soft-touch, it’s not common for me to need a breather like this when reading romance, so it was a reaction that really stuck with me.
Having said that, I really enjoyed the emotional depth to the writing. I found this to be a story that brought me both high and low. I became invested in Matty’s character, and fiercely wanted both he and Eaton to find happiness together. I also thought the author wasn’t afraid to hold back. Marriage equality, and issues such as strength of morals and having to compromise were all addressed in this short story. Don’t be fooled by the small page count, I found despite the shortness this story packed quite a punch and hit a few important points.
Despite their rocky start – and the near-unbelievable coincidence of Matty and Eaton meeting again – there is a wonderful Happily Ever After and a wonderful resolution to the story. This is not a book full of realism and lighthearted fun – but it is an emotional and very well written short story. Readers who like a bit of drama and having their heart and emotions toyed with from strong writing will probably find themselves loving this story. A strong, emotional story with two wonderful characters.

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