Thursday, April 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Having Her' by Jackie Ashenden


Take one virgin, add in a Princess Leia slave costume, mix with one sexy older man and shake with some erotic scenes and a sprinkle of angst — this is a one strong recipe for an amazing story.
Kara Sinclair is a virgin, a strong heroine and a bit weird, but I absolutely loved her. She has issues, some serious baggage, least of which is her virginity. I enjoyed that she uses bright hair and crazy clothes to keep the world at bay. I definitely related with that being her armor, and I enjoyed that when Vincent “Vin” Fox wasn’t being a bit dense he seemed to see right through it.
Vin and Kara start out with a purely physical relationship, both using and for the most part getting what they need out of the relationship. Vin needs one aspect of his life that he’s in complete control of, a part that just goes right, and at first he gets that but fate and life have a way of stepping in and saying “No, we’re going to mess with you.” Life does throw a lot of things at Kara and Vin and at times they handle it well and at others I wanted to smack them both.
This is a journey of love, and it’s not a smooth ride. It’s a rocky journey and because of that I really loved this book. They are perfect for each other, it just takes some work to get there. I will definitely be watch Ms. Ashenden, she gave me a well fleshed out story and I will be picking up more stories from her.

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