Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Hard' by Donna Alam

British author Donna Alam pens about exotic locations and the men you aren't married to, but might sometimes wish you were. Escapism reads with heart, humor, and plenty of steam. She is a queen of steam and at the same time manages to display on the most enthusiastic series characters you’ll find anywhere.

Donna jumps into the story with the opening words – ‘One phrase can sum up my whole move to London. That didn’t go quite as planned. Even closer on the timeline scale, if someone had said a month ago I’d be sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a well [built] stranger to arrive, I’d have told you to keep taking the medicine. You know, for your kind of crazy. What’s worse, I’m not even waiting for said stranger for myself, but rather because of business. No—not [that] kind of business. Although, if it weren’t for my friend, Chastity, I may well have already begun to sell my body in order to eat. But that’s another story. One with an unhappy ending, strangely enough, beginning just two months ago. But I don’t have time to let my mind wander down that particular memory lane of distaste as the door to the hipster-chic coffee shop opens, and a man steps into the space. His large silhouette is framed by the afternoon light, highlighting the cut of his dark suit and how it fits perfectly to his broad shoulders. I turn my wrist, glancing down at my watch; on time and dressed to impress. He certainly seems to be taking this interview seriously.’

The synopsis helps u from there – ‘A man walks into a coffee shop and gets offered a job in [adult entertainment]. Sounds like the start of a joke, right? Or every man’s fantasy. Until I remember I’m trying to be a good man. A single father. One who doesn’t do casual relationships, Let alone get paid for sex. But for those curves and that mouth? Any man might change his mind. It was an honest mistake . . .I’m new to the “adult entertainment” business. So when I’m sent to interview for our next production, I assume the hottie with the coffee is him. Lord knows he’s hot enough to take a starring role. Especially in my fantasies. And with that accent, The aural he gives must be amazing. I thought a hard man might be fun for the night. But a good man? He might be everything.’

Donna knows how to pack in the story with erotica to spare and lots of naughty language – just like the Chick Lit audience loves. And there is a fine bonus story to boot! Grady Harp, April 18

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