Monday, April 9, 2018

Book Review: 'A Ghost of an Affair' by Ellen March


She found her dream man, but the one that she wants to spend forever with is a ghost!
Grace McGillis is in a relationship of sorts with the handsome Dr. Sage Gerret. He works in the same hospital where she’s the receptionist. Sage is an extremely controlling man with extreme OCD. Sage wants the perfect society wife so he tries to turn her into it and she never tells him NO even if she hates or loathes a particular thing that he wants her to do or stop doing.
Grace, during a girl’s night in, agrees to use the Ouija board with her best friend. However, things start going wrong. Next thing she knows there is a hot alpha male ghost with excellent skills in bed.
Grace is a curvy, auburn haired, hot headed gal whose mouth has a tendency to run off her mouth with anyone except her partner. That part was extremely frustrating for me. I know her reasons for it but then I really didn’t understand it. I kept saying, “How much is too much?”
The story flowed well enough and kept me hooked. It was an interesting premise. Plus the chemistry, they’re in lust with each other and it shows in every scene. The sex scenes were hot and sizzling.
I loved how their relationship developed. The ghost, Breece is the complete opposite of Sage. It shows how that brings the changes in her life and in her. I was delightfully surprised how it ended. A perfect ending.
A ghost with an insatiable appetite for sex combined with a woman who desperately wants some sex. It’ll satisfy a readers craving for fantasy and sizzling chemistry.

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