Thursday, April 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Find Me' by Ella Jade


Riley Sparrow, a 25 year old single journalist, has had sleepless nights due to visits from a handsome sexy blond who visits her in her dreams asking her to find him. Riley is at a loss until she ask the stranger how and what does she need to do to find him? He replies “Tucker”.
Tucker is Riley’s estranged grandfather who she hasn’t seen in ten years because of an argument between her grandfather and father. Riley comes from a bloodline of warlocks and witches, but her father has never been willing to accept that. With the help of her grandfather’s transporting spell, Riley is able to go back in time; 1963 to be exact. Dean Archer is Riley’s grandfather’s college roommate, and also the man that has been appearing in her dreams. The transporting spell is a success and Riley is able to go back and forth between past and present zones.
I enjoyed the author’s idea and plot of time traveling. The visits to Riley’s dreams, the teasing for brief visits and tempting kisses exciting Riley to find this mystery man. However, Riley’s visits are often and lengthy; making for slow moments within the novel. Riley seems to forget about her present life and only wants to spend time with Dean in the past. Their relationship grows and they become fond of each other, but neither seems to try to prevent such an awkward relationship or they didn’t seem to put forth much effort to see what help Dean needed. I was basically wondering okay when will the pieces to the puzzle going to start fitting? While I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Riley and Dean grow, the sensible side of me kept wondering how this relationship could work. How will the author pull this off? Will Riley alter Dean’s original history? I was curious so I kept reading. Turns out I was very impressed that the author not only wrapped the story up but also included a villain to add some flare to the storyline. With determination, some spells and sacrifices the author did a wonderful job bringing this novel to a happy ending.
Find Me is a fascinating time travel romance that I would recommend to those looking for something a bit different. The author has a flair that shows her talent to create a fascinating and believable story. The novel is cleverly planned and well written, with a resolution that is completely unexpected. This is an author I will be sure to follow.

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