Thursday, April 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Fall to Pieces' by Paisley Smith


If Gwen Stephani had decided to sing Rockabilly instead of Pop music: that’s how I pictured Polly Purefoy. That combination of sex kitten and submissive innocence would be hard for a hot blooded male to pass up much less an experienced Domme.
One reason I reach for a Paisley Smith story if I’m in the mood for F/F is the simple fact that I know it’s going to be a well written story. Fall to Pieces is no exception. The descriptions put this reader right in the room when Polly is crooning her heart away on stage as well as when she’s under Vivien’s paddle.
This is a short story, so there isn’t a whole lot of time to get to know the character’s background stories. Ms. Smith does sprinkle it in along the way and it’s enough. I know enough about Vivien to know she doesn’t think she’ll ever fall in love with another sub. She’s pretty darn sure she doesn’t want to. But there’s something about Polly.
There is so much tension in this little novella. Ma’am doesn’t give Polly much time to adjust to what she demands and there is no room for tourist. She’s either in all the way or out.
I especially liked the clever play on the title. In my opinion, for the most part, it reflects on Vivien. Her past relationship as well as her decision to break her own rules for Polly. This is a really hot and yet sweet start to the Honkytonk Angels collection. Ms. Smith lets us in on the next two books before this one closes. It’s sure to be an fantastic trilogy. Readers who enjoy BDSM with their F/F romance should definitely check this one out. I think they’ll be looking forward to the next books in the series just like I am.

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