Friday, April 20, 2018

Book Review: 'Exercising Her Options' by Daisy Dexter Dobbs


It’s amazing how clearly we can see someone else’s faults, problems and situations but when we hold up the mirror to ourselves, no matter if we are in the exact same situation, we are blind against seeing it in us. That is the basic plot theme in Ms. Dobbs’ latest sexy adventure in the start of her Greek Delights series.
Helen and Polly are the best of friends. Ms. Dobbs sets up the first conflict in such a way that a reader knows what is coming. Polly can and does help Helen see the light but when it comes to her own heartbreak, she employs the very denial techniques she wouldn’t let her friend Helen get away with. The only good thing that came from that debacle was Polly’s joining a gym. What happens next is inevitable but fun.
Reading Polly’s internal dialogues when it came to Victor was like reading the do’s and don’ts of dating a loser. It was text book and why Polly couldn’t see that drove me nuts. The heroine has a great sense of fun and adventure, has a wonderful talent and has so many things going for her but she’s not realized her full potential. Why is that? The wrong man, that’s why. Just how wrong he turns out to be gets discovered in a most unlikely way and the act of revenge was especially diabolical and perfect. Polly is a very crafty lady. She also has a very sexy and passionate side to her that keeps getting stymied by something called a Merry Widow. I don’t think I want one. Although, what happens to the hapless heroine is both funny and almost scary. Thank goodness she had a hunky Greek hero to save her.
Even though the plot conflict was rather predictable and at times annoying, because I knew that deep down she KNEW but was in denial which is the stupidest thing to be in since she wouldn’t let her friend do it so why was she any different is beyond me, there were a ton of fun, sexy and outright hilarious moments sprinkled throughout the book.
The best parts are when Nick and Polly are together. And I’m not just talking about the hot sex and fun sexcapades, which were highly pleasing. I enjoyed their dialogue, the scene with the ouzo, the massage table and the fact that Nick loved Polly exactly as she was for who she was. He was everything that Victor was not and whenever the heroine compared the two, Victor seemed to come up short. Which made me laugh. Many times. Nick is a real treasure and a keeper.
Another aspect that I enjoyed in this story was a scene with the older ladies. That was beautifully written and it touched my heart. I’m glad that Ms. Dobbs included them because it showcased that both Polly and Nick aren’t just good looking on the outside, but they are beautiful on the inside too. And that’s where it counts.
If a reader is looking for pure entertainment, then Exercising Her Options delivers a fun, fast paced and charming romance. The story includes many moments that brought smiles to my face and it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. There is however one part for which I was very glad I had not had any food or drink in my mouth. I would have choked. There is an absolutely funny scene that came out of nowhere and surprised me so effectively, I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling for a few minutes. I re-read the scene and laughed some more. That part embraces exactly what this story embodies – a reason to smile and love life and the ability to laugh at yourself. Reading Exercising Her Options left me in a happy mood and that’s the best recommendation I can give to others for reading it. Get your happy on and read this book.

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