Saturday, April 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Double Blind' by Heidi Cullinan


I absolutely adored Randy in the first book of this series, Special Delivery so I was eager to read Double Blind.
It’s definitely able to be read as a stand-alone and it’s pretty solid, but there were a few things that detracted from the love story of Randy Jansen and Ethan Ellison. Mainly the reappearance of the characters from the first book, and the overuse of poker in the story. I understood that poker was used to explain how life worked, and while I liked that aspect there was just way too much poker instruction in the story. My issue with the reappearance of the other characters is that one of those characters and his issues overshadowed and took a very in your face approach in the story. It seemed to drown out Randy and Ethan’s budding relationship.
In the end, what made me love this story was Ethan, in the beginning he seems like he’s going to be this weak and possibly pathetic character, but instead is this strong, focused and very confident character. He’s perfect for Randy, because Randy needs a partner that is just as confident and even a bit out there as him.
Randy lost some of his sparkle for me, but I still consider him one of my favorite characters because he lives life with this single-minded joy, that even when he’s dealing with past issues is still there. Things that could have broken a lesser man, just make him stronger and enhances his personality.
I do highly recommend this story, while a stand-alone, I think it builds on the first book a bit and will be more enjoyable after Special Delivery.

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