Saturday, April 14, 2018

Book Review: 'Despite the Fangs' by Dylan Newton


Is Mason everything he claims to be, or will Ari’s heart be broken again?
Ari certainly is an interesting character. She is prickly and likable all at the same time. Her bravado and foul mouth is matched only by her enormous appetite. I found myself chuckling over her behavior several times as I read. Despite her harsh exterior, all Ari really wants is a happy ending. Unfortunately, a disastrous engagement years ago has permanently put Ari off all things romantic, or so she thinks. When Ari crosses paths with Mason, he awakens feelings in her she thought were long dead. However, Ari has a feeling that Mason isn’t being entirely truthful with her. As I watched Ari and Mason’s story unfold, I couldn’t help but wonder if Mason was the hero, or a cleverly disguised villain.
Ari and Mason have great chemistry and an intense connection that leads to some sizzling love scenes. Ari finds Mason’s scent to be intoxicating, and she literally craves his touch. However, there are trust issues always lurking just under the surface. Consequently, I had a hard time getting in to their romance. While Ari never gets the feeling that Mason is lying, he certain is leaving things out. Mason’s behavior always made me question his motives. For a man who claims to be in dire need of help to rescue his son, he seems to be taking his sweet time about it. As a parent, I know I would be an absolute wreck if someone took my child from me. While it is clear that Mason is concerned for his son’s well being, he certainly doesn’t seem to be as desperate as he claims. This should have been a red flag for Ari, but she keeps pushing aside her instincts in favor of trusting a man she really doesn’t know. While some of my misgivings were proven true, I’m happy to report my worst suspicions were not. I do think that certain plot points needed more explanation. When I finished reading, I still had questions about how much Mason planned in advance as well as questions about a sensitive state Ari finds herself in at the end of the book.
I really enjoyed Ms. Newton’s take on werewolves. Instead of glamorizing shape shifters, Ms. Newton chose to show cases the strengths and weaknesses of both the animal and human forms of her characters. This really grounded her story and helped make her characters believable.
I had fun reading Despite the Fangs. Ari is an entertaining heroine, and I found it easy to cheer for her. Does the werewolf get her happy ending? Read Despite the Fangs to find out.

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