Sunday, April 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Debt of Honor' by N.J. Walters


When debts are repaid in sexual favors things can sure get complicated!
Derek Montague is owed a favor by a young man who works on his ranch. The thing is this young guy has a sister, Kaitlin Jacobs, who Derek has had the serious hots for over the last few years. But Kaitlin is standoffish, abrupt and not interested in him at all – or is she?
So when Kaitlin comes in to see him and offers to repay the debt Derek gets cheeky. He gives her the option of making the payment by spending a night with him! Much to his surprise Kaitlin agrees.
Wow, what a great premise for a story. I really enjoyed Debt of Honor. It romps along at a great pace, has sexy, real characters and loads of the juicy stuff. It flicks between both points of view so you get to see what both Derek and Kaitlin are thinking.
Kaitlin is fiery and also one hell of a determined woman who clearly loves her brother – well it’s his debt! She’s also not afraid of Derek and his alpha ways. She has sex with him, lots of sex, but more than that it does actually mean something – she’s not immune to Derek’s cowboy charm and dashing good looks.
If you’re looking for a half hour read that will steam up your e-reader you could do much worse than Debt of Honor. And if sexy cowboys, raunchy bedroom/shower scenes and happy ever afters are your thing, then you will likely thoroughly enjoy yourself in the pages of this book.

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