Thursday, April 19, 2018

Book Review: 'Daniel’s Decision' by Nicole Flockton


This sweet romance shows that even career-driven people are capable of falling in love and having meaningful relationships.
The story started off smoothly, with likeable characters and an interesting set up. At the beginning, the romance between Daniel and Rochelle is sweet, and it’s enchanting to watch them struggle with the attraction they feel for each other. The chemistry is there, but they both have plans that don’t include relationships. The conflict feels genuine, but despite this, or maybe because of it, the quick development of their relationship seems believable.
But as the story progressed, instead of the conflict between them and their inner struggles becoming more pronounced and stronger, they seemed less and less convincing and almost contrived. The story developments after Daniel had received the urgent phone call from home all felt naïve and cliché. I hoped for the characters, so charming at first, to develop and grow throughout the story, but instead they became more or less stock figures with a predictable ending.
I realize this novel is part of a series, but some of the events at Emerald Springs lacked closure or at least a hint at a resolution sometime in the future. On the other hand, the secondary characters (who are protagonists in the other novels in the series) were well-written despite the fact that the series is penned by various authors. Although this was an ARC, the spelling and grammatical mistakes were too recurrent for me to be able to ignore them.
In Daniel’s Decision, a man and a woman who swore off love and serious relationships find just that. The strength of these characters is in how they accept the gift of love.

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