Sunday, April 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Dangerous Match' by Alyssa Stevens

This story was an entertaining read with an unusual but exciting twist. It snagged my attention right away with an action that never stopped until the end.
I have to say that the plot was strong, with interesting characters who were vividly well written. Elsa was a hundred year old vamp, a deadly mercenary/enforcer sent to investigate an underground fighting ring. One of the twists being that it’s not ordinary MMA fighters but instead these fighters are all supernatural species. Some, like our sexy werewolf hero, Sevastian, are forced into brutal gladiator matches. The set-up is a kill or be killed …. only the strongest survive type scenario. Elsa is a deadly vamp with a cheeky sense of humor that gets her in a lot of trouble. She is thrown into a cell with Sevastyan, a crazed Russian werewolf, and as fate would have it they are mates. They gave each other strength but also became their greatest weakness.
This story had a bit of everything to capture and hold the reader’s interest. The action and fight scenes were thrilling. There was a bit of suspense as Elsa and Sevastyan tried to outwit their captors. It was romantic and passionate, they had the instant attraction and sizzling chemistry. The sex scenes were hot ! I loved most of all how sweet and protective they were of each other. This short book was super fast paced and exciting the entire way.
I absolutely can see why Alyssa Stevens titled this book Dangerous Match. Elsa and Sevastyan were a dangerous couple of survivors. I enjoyed it greatly !

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