Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Coffee Date' by K. Lynn


Finding Mr. Right isn’t always an easy thing to do.
Hank and Alice’s budding relationship was so sweet. The kind way he treated her made me smile. Not only did they have strong chemistry, they also shared so much in common that they could have easily been best friends. Love feels so much better when it’s combined with a genuine friendship, so this is exactly the kind of dynamic I want to read about when I pick up a romance novel.
There were a few things about the main source of conflict in this story that I never quite understood. The explanation that was given for why it developed didn’t seem to match what I’d already figured out about the people involved in it. To be more specific, some of their reactions to the conflict felt out of character for them. It would have been really helpful to have more time spent explaining what they were thinking when they made certain decisions as I would have expected them to react in completely different ways to those situations.
Mary, Alice’s best friend, was a nice addition to the plot as well. She came across as such a wise and empathic person. I completely understood why Alice valued her opinion so much. What really made me like Mary, though, was the author allowed these characters to talk about things other than men. Writing their conversations in that way was a smart decision because it allowed both women’s personalities to develop in ways that probably wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Bravo!
I’d recommend Coffee Date to anyone in the mood for something short and satisfying.

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