Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Cocky AF' by Katie Ford and Sarah May

Katie Ford joins Sarah May again in this COCKY AF and she only offers as a bio – ‘Hi, we're Katie and Sarah! If you're looking for something short, smutty and satisfying to read, then you're in the right place!’

The title book (and apparently everyone knows what ‘AF’ stands for in the acronym world!) is short but strong. The ladies also offer other tidbit of erotica in this volume.

But on to the story of stepbrother/sister hangups and resolutions. The book starts with a valid description of Janie’s view of Trent – ‘“Yo man!” Jason Bellows hollers down the hall while holding one arm out straight with his index finger extended. “You da man!” I turn my head to look but I already know who’s coming. It was Trent Lewis, the king of Sunnyside High. Not only is he the starting quarterback on our football team, but he’s also been crowned Prom King three times. That’s right, he won the first time when he was a sophomore, beating out a dozen older boys who were plenty pissed when the results were announced. But then again, it’s easy to understand why people voted for him. In fact, I voted for Trent myself, despite the fact that he’s never noticed me. Because the man is absolutely, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. He’s got coal-black hair and blazing blue eyes that make you feel seen in an intimate way. But that’s my imagination because of course, Trent Lewis has never really looked at me. I’m just the invisible girl, but still, my heart trembles whenever he’s near. And right now, Trent and his friends were sauntering down the hall like they owned the place, joshing and talking while tossing a football casually to one another.’

So where does it go from here? The synopsis hints the following – ‘I hate him and yet I love him. Trent’s my soon-to-be adopted brother … and he drives me up the wall! Janie’s the daughter of two hippie do-gooders. Her parents have a mission to save the world, and that includes welcoming handsome quarterback Trent Lewis into their home after his parents pass in an unfortunate accident. Trent’s got a chip on his shoulder the size of a house. He's not interested in being “adopted” per se, especially because he’s already an adult. But when the alpha gets a look at the curvy girl living under the same roof, suddenly the heat skyrockets … because he and Janie are about to embark on the taboo!’

A story well developed and well played with a big load of erotica! Looks like there is a new viable team at work in Katie and Sarah. Grady Harp, April 18

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