Monday, April 9, 2018

Book Review: 'A Case for Calamity' by Mackenzie Crowne


Calamity Jane gets a Happily Ever After.
Jane agrees to go in her best friend Shae’s stead to meet Gabe when the best friend’s father tries to set her up again. Jane never thought that one meeting would change her life so much.
Jane Whitmore is a woman with family and money problems. While Gabe is a six foot cowboy who built his own charter air service. Their relationship gets built on deception and becomes hectic when unexpected news develops.
I loved the whole plot and how it started at first. But the climax was somehow a little disappointing for me. The relationship and instant passion between Gabe and Jane got me through the start but I expected it to continue to grow and develop but it never really happened.
That said the characters were likeable and attractive (not only in the physical sense). I would have loved to see more interaction between Jane and her friends. It would also have been great if there were more scenes that showed the reasons for her nickname.
As a short story, I would recommend it to anyone who looks for stories centered around cowboys in the city!

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