Sunday, April 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Captivated' by Stacy-Deanne


It appears a twisted serial killer has once again taken the city of Baltimore by surprise. Woman are being hunted and once again Baltimore Detectives Lisa Swanson and Dee Quarter are called on the case. The evidence and method of the murders seem very familiar to Lisa. She believes it’s the work of the Sandman. Captivated is Book 2 in the Bruised series.
Five years prior Lisa worked with well known Detective Adam Mann. Adam has since retired, but with the killer back on the loose Lisa is in frequent contact with retired detective Adam. Adam Mann was once captivated by the serial killer, so much so the obsession with the case cost him his family. I feel the author did a good job in displaying emotions regarding Lisa because to me Lisa’s belief about the Sandman’s return was very believable. Other officers doubted her theory but she stuck with her instinct.
Winston Lewis is newly transferred to the Baltimore precinct. Winston is captivated by Lisa and working hard to get her attention. Unfortunately for him Lisa and Jake Jenson are six months into their relationship, which started in the first book in the Bruised series. I enjoyed how the author has such strong and committed characters. I like how Jake noticed something was wrong with Lisa and they came together and discussed it. Jake is wheelchair bound, and admits he lives through the adventures that Lisa face in her day job being a detective. This is so refreshing to have a man strong enough to admit this, and also be able to support Lisa in a positive way. Jake showed his emotions and expressed his feelings, and admitted that he still battles with old hurts but he continues moving on and living through them.
I also enjoyed the alpha male friction between Jake and Winston. Each man is strong in a level sense and not playing dirty to win Lisa over. Each man has a winning spirit and I found it hard to figure out which man to root for.
I enjoyed this book. The mystery of solving the serial murder cases along with the mixture of who will capture Lisa’s heart made for a pleasant read. The author told a complete story, and wasn’t too wordy nor too descriptive. It’s a winner for me to get a satisfying read without having to read three hundred pages of blah-blah that has nothing to do with the plot.
This author has a new fan! I highly recommend that you add this series to your reading list.

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