Thursday, April 19, 2018

Book Review: 'Bullet in the Night' by Judith Rolfs


Bullet in the Night is a fast-paced action thriller which had me captured from the first paragraph. Jennifer Trevor hears that Lenora Lawrence, her good friend and fellow psychologist, has been shot by a sniper. I liked Jennifer. She is a quick thinking, smart, kind person who would never give up on a friend. She refuses to let Lenora’s husband railroad one of Lenora’s clients, Kirk, an ex-convict, into the role of murderer. Something just doesn’t seem right to Jennifer and she is determined to discover the truth, no matter what the cost to her personally.
The plot is intricate and very complex. There are myriad possible suspects and Jennifer must work carefully to find the truth. Every time I thought I’d pegged the murderer, then I’d learn something else which caused me to shift my ideas. I didn’t finally figure things out until the very end, just as Jennifer herself put the pieces together. The author gave her readers all the appropriate clues, but there were so many ways to read those clues that I was on the edge of my seat right to the end.
My only issue with the novel is that it is very heavily Christian. Prayer and Biblical references abound, especially as the novel progresses. I admit this is a personal bias as I am not a Christian, but I felt that these references were distracting and interfered with the pacing of the novel. This is such a great mystery, one which I couldn’t put down, that I solved my issues by skipping all the paragraphs that switched into religious mode. And it is only a guess, but I suspect that the heavy-handiness of the references might be off-putting to other readers as well.
Nevertheless, the story is a dynamite one and well worth pursuing. I recommend it to any readers who like a challenging mystery. This one is a real page turner.

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