Friday, April 27, 2018

Book Review: 'Boys Like You' by Juliana Stone


Though both of the main characters have suffered through great losses in their life, both are struggling to tough through it…together.
Meet Monroe Blackwell, city girl, who, in the midst of a breakdown of sorts, goes to Louisiana to spend time with her grandmother. She might appear angry and distant at first, but her heart bears a heavy weight that she believes no one will be able to lift. Guilt crushes her everyday, and she never lets it show. At least, not until she’s alone…but when her walls come down, she is a shell of her former self. I admired the fact that she wasn’t being a trouble to her family, no matter what she had done.
Nathan Everets might have caused his best friend to be hospitalized, and yes, he may never wake up, but Nathan doesn’t deal with the pain as well as Monroe does. His scorn and the obvious amount of guilt he carries is much more noticeable. He’s blind to what people see in him, and won’t accept their offers of forgiveness. I thought his growth of character was the most interesting, because he seemed to have the farthest to go, and was able to pick up on old habits again without feeling badly about it.
I liked the plot itself; I found it to be touching and sweet. However…the use of profanity and crude words did not go unnoticed; plus, I found the pastimes of Nathan’s friends to be disturbing and the sexual content is most definitely not for younger readers, despite the publisher’s age recommendation (with which I disagree — and I think it’s important to note that I am in the targeted age range).
Overall, though, I liked what Monroe and Nathan went through together. The growth of character was interesting to read about and certainly kept me turning pages. And one more note? The cover is awesome. 🙂

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