Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Before the Dawn' by Emma Weylin


Before the Dawn is a sexy short shot of romance, paranormal drama and wolfish delight. It’s a fast paced novella that covers the gamut of what I look for in a book without being too heavy handed on any of its conflicts.
Samantha is the heroine who has the most adjustment to make in this tale. She’s been living a lie and what I really liked about getting to follow her on her journey was that nothing was as it first appeared. I was surprised, which is a credit to the author’s talent. Samantha has a great capacity for forgiveness despite what she’s gone through. I credit that to her mostly normal upbringing when she was her littlest.
Nicodemus has his hands full. He’s the man who has to juggle all the issues and problems Samantha unknowingly carries with her and I liked that the hero was written in a strong manner. Admittedly he comes across as an alpha jerk too. But for all his heavy handedness, I appreciated that he liked Samantha standing up to him and refusing to take any of his guff. When they butt heads it is fun and entertaining reading. I got to see Nicodemus at his wolfie best and that was fun too.
When Samantha and Nicodemus finally culminate their hot passion it was well done and nicely balanced within the action of the tale. I liked their dialogue, their push/pull relationship and the way the author had them work it all out.
Granted, it being a short story means things happen fast. Some jumps occur that seems way too convenient and improbable; but having the protagonists plod their way through logic and strict reality would have bogged down the story and stalled the fast pace. I guess something had to give. Who needs pesky logic when the story is so fun?
The villains were delightfully treacherous and nasty and I enjoyed how the author lead me through the dawning realization of just how insidious were their plans. It made the final confrontation satisfying.
I give Before the Dawn high marks for entertainment value. It is totally a standalone read with only minor references to the previous book, Dark Forest. This story is wholly focused on Samantha and Nicodemus with a few interesting secondary characters to spice things up. It’s a one sitting read due to the author’s talent of making each chapter even more interesting or revealing than the last. I think paranormal romance readers are going to like this one, especially if they enjoyed Dark Forest. Ms. Weylin knows how to weave a fun tale.

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