Thursday, April 26, 2018

Book Review: 'All I Want is You' by Toni Blake


Do all damsels in distress really need a prince in shining armor to save them or are they capable of getting out of troubles on their own? No, damsels do not need a prince, but they do need support and somebody who believes in them.
All I Want is You is a classic romance novel, with an interesting plot and HEA ending. But there are several things that made this story special for me. First, the characters have a tragic past and both of them lost someone very dear to them, they are scared and very cautious, but they are not dark and gloomy. Second, the message of the story is wonderful and empowering: a girl can feel safe and have great relationship without being saved by the knight in shining armor.
Besides being positive, the main characters are both magnificent, although I liked Christy better than Jack. Christy is so realistic and her development and growth amazed me. At the beginning she was a girl trying to find an easy way out from her financial situation, only to realize that it won’t work that way. By the end of the story she became strong and independent, just the way a modern heroine should be. On the other hand, Jack’s character did not undergo such a dramatic transformation, but his character also changed by the end of the story.
The only thing that diminished my full enjoyment of this story is Christy’s and Jack’s (but especially Jack’s) inner dialogues i.e. their thoughts and doubts. If only they are a bit shorter the story would have flowed much more nicely.
It is also important to mention that All I Want is You features a secondary romance. The secondary romance is well incorporated into the main one. It doesn’t dominate the story, instead it complements it nicely.
Overall I enjoyed All I Want is You. There were some slower parts, but I think this is a story well worth reading.

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