Saturday, April 7, 2018

Book Review: 'All Dressed Up' by Ashlynn Monroe

Dressed Up

Trick or Treat, Demon Style!
This was a totally unexpected read.  Isaac and Suzy have been married for around three years and in all these years their sex life has improved. When Suzy’s friend comes to visit on Halloween, secrets come out and temptations unfold.
The passion between Isaac and Suzy is undeniable from the start but with the addition of a couple more characters it becomes sizzling hot. I can’t say more about these other characters without revealing the story and plot since this is a very short story.
The plot is relatively small. There were some questions that arose and are still with me mostly because there is very little background information to help a reader out.
I would have loved to know about the paranormal aspect of the story since it would have given me an idea about some of the other characters.
I would recommend All Dressed Up to readers who like deep hardcore erotic stories and who don’t mind the absence of relative information because the reader is looking for a wild, wild ride. This story delivers.

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