Friday, March 2, 2018

Book Review: 'YOU, UNLEASHED!' by Jonathan Cragle

Washington author Jonathan Cragle, raised in the state of Iowa, is a world traveler and has enjoyed a career in Information Technology. Is goal in writing: "As you read my writings, I hope that my books and words will inspire your change, growth and a better life for you and your family".

In his introductory comments he strikes right to he point: `most people know there are factors either within themselves or their environments that are hindering them from thriving in their lives. These factors must be dealt with strategically and systematically. Life does not stand still and if you're not thriving then you're receding, there is no other option.... this book cuts through the empty promises and Band-Aid fixes of other publications. Change requires knowledge as you discover what needs fixing; patience and perseverance as you navigate the path of change; and feedback and accountability. You will discover obstacles that are keeping you from being the person you were made to be, regardless of your income, status or occupation. By identifying the obstacles and working on overcoming them, you will be able to fully thrive.... you will learn to identify what factors cause you to be paralyzed from acting or moving forward with your hopes and dreams. You will learn to identify and manage self-sabotage, identify how other people affect your moving forward, and how to handle these in healthy and productive ways. You will further learn strategies like having a sense of urgency, self-permission, thinking big, taking action today, and more. Finally, you will learn the mental techniques necessary to motivate and fuel yourself for powerful, positive action that will lead to a lifetime of success and happiness.'

What makes Jonathan's book so immediate and meaningful is the manner in which he shares his own life experiences that have not always been positive: he has overcome obstacles, researched the spectrum of self-help book and seminars, and has finally overcome those obstacles to find a meaningful life. And for the reader he shares, `In this book you will learn the obstacles in your life that are holding you back, regardless of your social, economic, education, or frankly any other " status." No one is immune from them and they imprison most people from fully becoming who they can be. Through awareness of these things that are blocking you and acknowledging that you want to change them, you will begin the journey of watching them crumble. Further, you will learn tools and strategies that you can use to strengthen how you live in powerful and freeing ways. The best part is that these strategies will work in virtually any situation or circumstance you're in. The information in this book will help you live a fulfilling life, where you're in control, rather than the obstacles controlling you.'

In following Jonathan's technique of steady work, examine the `self sabotage' elements we fall into, and work to move beyond to rethink our own perspectives with fresh insights and stories. And exceptional stories he has aplenty.

Excellent book on supporting the shedding of the armor we wear that is not protective, but instead prevents us from growing into that very special human being - US. Grady Harp, June 15

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