Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Wreck The Halls' by Jessica Payseur

Paul runs a cafĂ© and has been pretty happy until Nick’s Restaurant opened up right next door. Paul hadn’t minded initially – not until he realized Nick’s place was really eating into Paul’s profits. When an all-out eatery war breaks out between the two of them can they manage to find their way to some sort of compromise?
I have to be honest, Paul’s initial antagonism towards Nick really made me laugh. At the start I quite enjoyed Paul and Nick’s tit-for-tat retaliation, especially when it was small things – turning an “open” sign to “closed” on the front door, or convincing a waiter to leave a little early and abandon his post. I was nervous when the “war” escalated to a point I felt was a bit over the line – but was relieved when both Nick and Paul each individually realized that they had pushed too far. This helped keep the rivalry on the more friendly side of antagonistic and greatly relieved me.
The sex was smolderingly hot when the two men finally made their move and I was pleased that the author managed to keep the enemies-to-lovers aspect of the story fairly realistic and sensible.
Readers looking for a playful and fun Christmas story should find this a good M/M read. The sex is hot but the vast majority of the story is based on Nick and Paul and how their feud brought about their new relationship together. I enjoyed this quick short story.

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