Thursday, March 22, 2018

Book Review: 'The Wedding Audition' by Joanne Rock and Catherine Mann

The Wedding Audition was a quick, fun, easy, and enjoyable read. All the characters were believable and likable. They often made me laugh out loud especially the conversation between Annamae’s mother and grandmother outside the hoedown dance. The relationship between the main characters, Annamae and Wynn, progressed nicely with little conflict and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I wouldn’t mind getting involved with a man like that. I particularly enjoyed their easy banter with each other.
I thought the plot was a bit predictable and a tad unrealistic but the characters made me look past all that. The suspense of Annamae and Wynn hiding out for different reasons kept me turning pages. The happy ending left me feeling overall satisfied. It was nice to read a romance book that didn’t stir any anguished feelings or over the top drama.
There were two external conflicts that haunted Annamae and Wynn individually that for the most part, worked. The final confrontation from Wynn’s plot arc was a bit anticlimactic because it didn’t deliver what the story led me to believe would happen. Even though It didn’t meet my expectations, it was no less entertaining.
On the whole, The Wedding Audition was delightfully cheesy, really funny and was well written. It’s a nice, simple, perhaps cookie cutter type plot, but it’s an enjoyable story to escape into. I was delighted by the chemistry between Annamae and Wynn and was happy with the conclusion of their romance.

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