Thursday, March 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Visible Through Darkness' by Auden Johnson


Danger surrounds Jade at every turn. Will she be able to escape it?
The dialogue was well done. The characters had a unique way of speaking. They only seemed to talk when their body language wasn’t nuanced enough to share what they wanted to communicate. This made their conversations shorter than I’d normally expect to find in a tale of this length, but it also made every single word valuable. Once I adjusted to this, I ended up really liking this style of communication. It fit both the characters and the unusual society they lived in quite nicely.
This story would have benefited from having more details in general. I had trouble imagining the places Jade visited because of how little time was spent describing what they were like. There were also times when I struggled to keep track of the different characters because I didn’t know quite enough about their physical appearances or personalities. It would have been helpful to have a clearer picture in my mind of what these people were like so that I could remember all of them more easily.
What I appreciated the most about the world building in this book was how quickly it was put together. It only took a few pages for me to understand why Jade had such a pessimistic understanding of life. While there is definitely plenty of room to expand on this universe in upcoming sequels, the information I was given about how it all worked was enough to spark my interest in the meantime.
I’d recommend Visible Through Darkness to anyone who enjoys dark fantasy.

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