Saturday, March 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Tangled Vows' by Stella Hunter


Bailey had survived her time in the Army, but the mental and emotional scars – as well as a few physical ones – remain with her. Working as a security officer Bailey knocks down Everett Parker on the red carpet when she sees someone about to harm him. Bowled over – literally and emotionally – Everett can’t forget her and is determined to make the feeling mutual. When Everett decides he needs Bailey to accompany him back to his hometown – pose as his girlfriend – things get complicated, and they’re only just beginning.
I found this to be a very sweetly written romance story. Despite Everett being a big-time movie star and Bailey being a decorated hero and bodyguard, I really enjoyed how most of the story revolved around Everett’s small hometown and his family. To me this lent the whole story an air of intimacy – of a small town story where everyone knew everyone, not the more modern, busy city life which needs action packing every moment. I really enjoyed seeing Everett in a quiet environment, it helped me see him just as a man and a character and gave me a good feel for who he really was away from all the glitz and glamour.
The plot was thick with a huge bunch of characters, Everett’s family and later also Bailey’s family. And there were plenty of shenanigans that I really enjoyed. I was pretty disappointed, though, at how Bailey constantly thought the worst of Everett. While initially it was completely understandable – he is a movie star and a stranger, so she only had tabloid fodder to make character judgments on him – later, after almost a week of being in close contact with him and sharing plenty of time in his company it was really frustrating. I got annoyed with her for continuously assuming the very worst of him and pushing him away past all reason and sense. That really lowered Bailey’s character to my eyes and I was frustrated and annoyed by it.
I have to admit though when they finally started to make it work nearer the end of the story it was a gorgeous thing to behold. While there was definitely a “Happy For Now” ending it’s clear there’s another book on the way – hopefully one where Everett and Bailey can spend a lot more time intimately together!
Overall I really enjoyed this book. I found it well paced and very well written with a whole slew of interesting characters and plenty of conflict and steamy kisses. A good, solid read.

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