Saturday, March 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Sweet Texas Fire' by Nicole Flockton


The protagonists in Sweet Texas Fire, Gage Cooper, an oil man, and Charlotte Wilkinson, an environmentalist, strike sparks off each other that could start a Texas fire. They are both strong-willed and “dedicated-to-their-professions” people. In their professional dealings Charlotte is a “thorn-in-the-flesh” to Gage. It gets worse when they are thrown together by a coincidence that is a major premise running through the trilogy. This encounter sets off personal conflicts that add fuel to the fire of their professional conflicts.
The business deal they finally agree on sets things up to create a love story fraught with pitfalls.
Each of them has an agenda that does not blend well with the other one’s agenda. When love wiggles its way into the conflicting agendas, and their physical attraction to each other is acted upon, the emotional upheaval makes page-turning reading.
The twist that comes, when a box is found in the attic, intrigues.
The story unfolds in a predictable progression, making it an easy, relaxing read. It kept me well entertained on an evening when I needed a respite from the real world. Since I was born and raised in Midland County and have ties to the oil business and Houston, I found the author’s views about the environment and the people fun to read. The characters, both the primary ones and the secondary ones, depict a slice of life in Texas. Much of the profanity so overused used these days did not seem to fit the characters personalities. I was disappointed to see them.
Sweet Texas Fire has me all set to read the third book of this trilogy to see how Grayson, the middle son of the deceased Jack Cooper, copes with terms of his father’s will—terms that were not at all what he’d expected.

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