Saturday, March 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Silent Justice' by Kallie Lane

For a story that is only one hundred and seventy two pages it sure did pack a punch. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time flipping pages. If my fingernails weren’t cut short I probably would have chewed them from all the never ending suspense. If you’re looking for a quick romance story filled with action then this will meet your needs.
Rena O’Mally, the heroine, was dealt an unfortunate deck of cards at life at a young age and made some choices that directed the course of her life. Caught up in a change of events that appeared out of her control she finally decides enough is enough and no longer wants to be defined by her past. I could feel the attempt of the writer to redeem Rena and make her appear as a strong leading lady. However, Rena was a delicate balance of vulnerable and strong-will qualities that, when mixed together, made her character more than tolerable but not completely admirable in my eyes. I just wished she had turned on her listening ears when she was told to listen. Her lack of listening skills was most annoying.
There could have been other ways to add to the suspense element other than the heroine needing to be constantly rescued due to her in ability to follow directions. It was borderline unrealistic. The plot was not original no matter how many twists were implemented but it was still an entertaining read.
The hero, Blue Falcone, was your stereotypical commanding officer of an elite taskforce who develops feelings for the woman he’s supposed to keep watch over. He had all the connections necessary to call in for back up to save the day no matter how many times he needed to save the day. His team members were briefly introduced but weren’t well defined characters. I developed a stronger connection to Rena’s rescued cat, Tigz.
I did feel the connection between Rena and Blue. I always fall for that damsel in distress ploy, which is why I could tolerate Rena’s inability to listen. The pickles she got herself into allowed me to enjoy feeling those swoon-worthy moments of ‘Ooh! and Ahh!” because they showcased Blue’s amazing heroism.
The violent underworld kingpin just wasn’t going give up and that plot hook kept me riveted until the end. I had to see how Blue Falcone was finally going to save the day, once and for all. Just like the synopsis alluded to, will Rena and Blue’s love for one another give them the strength to defy the odds? Or, will they lose each other in the fray? You’ll need to read the story to find out.
As much as Blue was always racing against time, I wanted the time to slow down and the book to not end. I was content with the ending and pleased with the closure that was provided. I didn’t consider this book a waste of my time and would recommend it to others. This is another one of those books for which I didn’t need my morning coffee to wake up. 🙂

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