Friday, March 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Shaalon' by Ashlynn Monroe

I enjoyed reading this short, but romantic and steamy, fantasy story.
At first it was the tense and seemingly hopeless romance that captured my attention in this book. I really liked the characters, Cayylen and Shaalon and the strength that they both had to stand up for the right things in life. It made them more easy to relate to as sometimes it can be hard for me to really connect with the characters in a novella. The author did a great job with pulling me into the story and not just with the sizzling sex. Another nice aspect is how some previous characters from this intriguing series had brief cameos in this one. That really grabbed my interest and had me wanting to read the other two books in this Sci-Fi / Fantasy world.
This book was a great short read that filled my afternoon with pleasure just reading it. It was a nice romantic, passionate and exciting story that flowed easily and left me interested in the coming war on planet Xerra. I loved the hope and romance that was at the heart of this story.
As for a quick fantasy romance I can recommend this novella to anyone.

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