Sunday, March 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Secret Admirer' by Ally Hayes


Andi is starting a new job, and bumps into a handsome stranger when she’s gets her morning coffee fix at a local café. Her life is full and busy while trying to settle down. She’s having fun though, making new friends and trying to discover who Cute Coffee Guy really is. And then along comes Garrett….
This is a lighthearted and fun story. I was a little confused initially – as both Garrett and Cute Coffee Guy were clearly in Andi’s sights. I normally don’t like romance stories where the pairings/hero-heroine mix isn’t pretty clear cut, but the happy overtone, the lighthearted writing style kind of carried me away regardless. Also, Andi understood how different it was to be flirting in texts with Garrett while simultaneously trying to get to know Cute Coffee Guy better. I had a few pangs – one heroine aiming for two men outside of a ménage style story isn’t usually my thing – but overall this was the only qualms I had throughout the whole book, and in all other respects it was a fun, lighthearted story.
I also really enjoyed the whole candy heart thing. The author used this tool very well and I loved the different variations both Garrett and Andi came up with. I found it to be something different, fun and very romantic.
This was a sweet short story – with no kissing or descriptive foreplay. It was like a lovely entrée, a great lead up to what I feel will be a good romance. There is a definite happy ending – albeit a clichéd, predictable one – and I was left with a happy smile and a good sense of satisfaction, very happy that Andi had found her Happily Ever After. A lovely, sweet story and one I’ll happily read again in the future.

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