Thursday, March 15, 2018

Book Review: 'The Ruthless Billionaire’s Virgin' by Susan Stephens

The premise of a last minute replacement for a sick singer ending up a star is a favorite type of story. I like it when an unknown talent wows people when they least expect it and the new vocalist ends up realizing her dreams. It kind of reminds me of Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent. In this novel, Savannah is the soon-to-be star and Ethan Alexander, the hero, is a scarier prospect than Simon Cowell.
When the story opens, a reader is introduced to Savannah and learns about her insecurities, her current dilemma and her dreams. Then Ethan is on stage and I learned why he’s feared but I only get hints about why he is the way he is. That gets revealed much, much later. It was like pulling a very stubborn tooth to get the hero to open up but Savannah is persistent, even to the point of incurring the hero’s wrath. A wrath that is quite formidable. His reticence to talk about his scars and the anger and/or coldness he responds with to deflect any inquiries is typical of an over-the-top Harlequin alpha.
Both hero and heroine took turns throughout the story being entertaining, sexy, annoying, grumpy and sometimes very romantic and insightful. The locations were exotic and intriguing and made the read enjoyable. The race from the media/paparazzi was a bit unrealistic but fun. Ethan fought the good fight against admitting he had fallen in love with Savannah, of course, and it dragged out until almost the very end. There’s a reason he’s called, The Bear, stubborn to the last. The happy ever after wrap up was satisfying and complete made all the sweeter with a wonderful epilogue.
On the whole The Ruthless Billionaire’s Virgin is an easy, quick and fast flowing read. It has solid entertainment value and I had fun.

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